About Pemberton District Search and Rescue | What, Who and Where

About Us

What we do

Pemberton and district is a winter wonderland with ample recreation opportunities for the outdoor sports enthusiast.  This and its close proximity to Vancouver and an almost unlimited number of backcountry activities, creates unequaled conditions for a high incidence of backcountry emergencies. When someone goes missing or if a rescue must be conducted, members of Pemberton District Search & Rescue provide the technical and emergency medical skills required to reach, treat and remove injured or distressed people from the backcountry.

Pemberton SAR Water Rescue

Who we are

The Pemberton District Search & Rescue team is comprised of a diverse group of volunteers who invest countless hours away from family, friends and work to train for and provide critical life saving services to those in need. Our members are all trained in ground search and rescue techniques and emergency first aid. In addition, many of our members also participate in public education and specialized disciplines, such as Helicopter External Transport Systems (H.E.T.S.), technical rope, swift water and mountain rescue.

Where we respond

The area we cover is one of the largest search & rescue coverage areas in the province representing over 20,000 square kilometres.

From the coast west of Pemberton, south to Whistler, east to head of  Harrison lake, and halfway to Kamloops on the north side.

Are you interested in joining Pemberton District Search & Rescue?

Anyone interested in joining Pemberton District Search & Rescue in an operational capacity is expected to be physically fit and have basic outdoor skills and equipment. 

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